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  • MassTransit Security Bulletin 

    Recently we discovered and fixed two security problems in MassTransit that may affect your server. If you have MassTransit HP, Premier, Standard or Enterprise, version 5.1 and later, keep reading. These issues do not apply to MassTransit Professional, Satellite or Application Client.
    Please read the following notes to see if your configuration is affected. If it [...]


  • Using the MassTransit Windows Backup Application 

    This article describes how to configure and use the Windows Backup Application in order to automate the backup of MassTransit Enterprise files and databases.

    MassTransit Enterprise customers with current Maintenance & Support contracts can contact to receive the backup application.


  • GroupLogic Product Compatibility with Apple’s OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion 

    We have tested the latest versions of the following products and found that they are compatible with OS X Mountain Lion:
    activEcho (tested 2.5)
    ArchiveConnect (test 1.2.5)
    ExtremeZ-IP (tested 8.0.1)
    MassTransit (tested 7.2.7 Web Client)
    mobilEcho is unaffected since it consists of server and mobile device components.
    If you have any questions or find any issues with our products, please contact [...]

    ExtremeZ-IP , MassTransit , ArchiveConnect