Configuring Windows Firewall to work with ExtremeZ-IP

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With Windows , the firewall is on by default. If you choose to run your server with the firewall up, you will need to configure it to allow other computers to access ExtremeZ-IP.


When configuring Windows Firewall you have two configuration possibilities. The first is to configure the ExtremeZ-IP process as an exception (easy/recommended) or configure the ports ExtremeZ-IP uses individually (advanced).

To configure the ExtremeZ-IP service as an exception:
Go Start -> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall
Click the “Exceptions” tab
Click “Add Program”
Click “Browse”
Browse and select the following file: ExtremeZ-IP.exe
Click “OK”
Click “OK”

To configure the ExtremeZ-IP Ports as exceptions:
Go Start -> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall
Click the “Exceptions” tab
Click “Add Port”
Add all ports or those you choose to use:

Description Ports Type
TCP/IP Port for AFP Connections 548 (default) TCP
TCP/IP Port for Print Configuration 8081 (default) TCP
TCP/IP Port for Print Jobs 515 (default) TCP
*SLP Lookups 427 UDP
*SLP Lookups (large data return) 427 TCP
**Bonjour 5353 UDP
**Bonjour (large data return) 5353 TCP

* Both port types must be added
** Both port types must be added

Note: If you choose to not add the SLP and/or Bonjour ports, you should disable those features inside of ExtremeZ-IP.


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