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Acronis Access & Acronis Access Advanced

The latest version of Acronis Access is 7.0.2. Please refer to the Acronis Access downloads page for information and downloads. ***PLEASE NOTE*** – Existing Access 6.X customers: If you are a current owner of Acronis Access 6.X or earlier, with a serial number beginning with “AA” your upgrade path to version 7 is Acronis Access Advanced 7. Acronis Access 7 is a new edition of the product for SMB business needing basic policy management and with less than 100 users.
Acronis Access and Acronis Access Advanced FAQ

activEcho & mobilEcho

Please Note: activEcho and mobilEcho have combined to become Acronis Access. Acronis Access is the latest release for activEcho and mobilEcho customers and will continue to support the mobilEcho and/or activEcho feature set with your current activEcho or mobilEcho serial number. Existing owners of activEcho and mobilEcho can enable the full suite of Acronis Access features by contacting Acronis for a complimentary upgrade to Acronis Access.


The latest official release of ArchiveConnect is 1.2.6. The installer is available here. Some features of ArchiveConnect require ExtremeZ-IP 6.0.1 or later.

ExtremeZ-IP & ShadowConnect

The latest version of ExtremeZ-IP is 9.0.4. Please refer to the ExtremeZ-IP & ShadowConnect downloads page for further information and software downloads. The ShadowConnect Mac client application can also be found on that page.


The latest full version of MassTransit for Windows 2003 / 2008 / 2012 is 7.5.1. The latest server for Mac OS X is 6.0.2.
The latest client installers are available for download here.