Acronis Files Connect Latest Releases (formerly ExtremeZ-IP)


The latest official release versions of Acronis Files Connect and ShadowConnect are available here. You can also download previous versions of Acronis Access Connect and ExtremeZ-IP from this page.

Upgrades are seamless

Acronis Files Connect is the upgrade path for Acronis Access Connect and ExtremeZ-IP users. It includes all the features of these earlier products, plus a new Mac client application for locating and searching file shares and printer. Acronis Files Connect carries on as our flagship product for Mac / Windows integration, file server and print server access.

If you currently have Acronis Access Connect or ExtremeZ-IP installed, the Acronis Files Connect installer will upgrade you automatically and all settings and configuration will be retained.

Note: Acronis Files Connect is not compatible with Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials.

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Acronis Files Connect Latest Release:

Please select your version. Installer downloads will require confirmation of ownership of Acronis Files Connect with your serial number. Owners of Acronis Access Connect and ExtremeZ-IP with current maintenance contracts can upgrade to Acronis Files Connect free of charge. Your existing serial number will be used to download and activate Acronis Files Connect.

  • SERVER INSTALLER – Acronis Files Connect Version 10.6.1 – File/Print Server Installer [10.6.1×1580] [For Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2; Windows 10, 8, 7] – Please contact Acronis Mobility Support to request access to this installer and installation instructions.

What’s new in Acronis Files Connect 10.6.1:

Updated dtSearch to version 7.89.


  • Miscellaneous improvements to the localized interface of the Files Connect Administrator.
  • The Mac Client now properly handles special characters in search requests.
  • The Preferences menu of the Mac Client has been moved to the App Menu portion of the Mac OSX Menu Bar.


  • Fixed an issue with the indexing of .PST files.
  • Fixed sharing behavior which could cause file locks and errors in antivirus software.
  • Fixed performance degradation caused by Windows SMB tags.
  • Fixed an issue with high memory usage and slow indexing when using Acronis Content Indexing for volumes with a large number of files and folders.
  • SFM shares are no longer supported and will not be displayed in the Files Connect Administrator interface.
  • Fixed temporary inconsistency of AFP volume when file were deleted via SMB directly.

Acronis Files Connect Documentation:

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