Acronis Access Connect Latest Releases (formerly ExtremeZ-IP)


The latest official release versions of Acronis Access Connect and ShadowConnect are available here. You can also download previous versions of ExtremeZ-IP from this page.

Upgrades are seamless

Acronis Access Connect is the upgrade path for ExtremeZ-IP users. It includes all the features of ExtremeZ-IP, plus a new option to provide file share access to mobile device users. Acronis Access Connect carries on as our flagship product for Mac AFP file server and print server access.

If you currently have ExtremeZ-IP installed, the Acronis Access Connect installer will upgrade ExtremeZ-IP, and all settings and configuration will be retained. The administration console and software works the same way ExtremeZ-IP did. When you run Acronis Access Connect for the first time, you will be prompted to consider enabling the new option to give file share access to mobile devices using the Acronis Access mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows mobile (coming soon).

Note: Acronis Access Connect and ExtremeZ-IP are not compatible with Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials.

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Acronis Access Connect Latest Releases:

Please select your version. Installer downloads will require confirmation of ownership of Acronis Access Connect with your serial number. Owners of ExtremeZ-IP with current maintenance contracts can upgrade to Acronis Access Connect free of charge. Your existing ExtremeZ-IP serial number will be used to download and activate Acronis Access Connect.

Acronis Access Connect Documentation:

ShadowConnect Downloads:

ExtremeZ-IP Latest General Releases:

Please select your version. All installer downloads will require confirmation of ownership of ExtremeZ-IP with your serial number. Please see the hot fix page for early access to changes and fixes that may impact you.

  • ExtremeZ-IP Version 9.0.5 – File/Print Full Installer [9.0.5×151] [For Windows 2003 SP2, 2003 R2, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, Windows 7, XP, Vista]

ExtremeZ-IP Documentation:

This following Manual and Quick Start Guide are applicable to ExtremeZ-IP versions 7 & 8.

  • ExtremeZ-IP Quick Start Guide – [HTML]
  • ExtremeZ-IP Users Manual – [HTML]
  • Acronis ExtremeZ-IP 9.0.5 (Released: July 20th, 2015)


    • Added Spotlight Refreshable ‘dtSearchVerifyIndex’ registry key, default is OFF. When enabled Acronis Content Indexes will be verified at startup and when the registry is refreshed.
    • Added Refreshable ‘EnumerationPerformanceOnLocalVolume’ registry key, default is OFF.
    • New installs will set the the ExtremeZ-IP service startup type to ‘Automatic (Delayed Start)’.
    • Added Refreshable ‘DtSearchIndexIsAccentSensitive’ registry key for Acronis Content Indexes, default is OFF. If this key is ON, files with accented characters will only be found if the search query string contains those specific accented characters.
    • Added NonRefreshable ‘LoadPerformanceDLL’ registry key, default is ON.
    • Global Spotlight Search defaults to Acronis Content Indexing for all new volumes.
    • Volumes can now be configured manually when Global Spotlight Search is enabled.
    • Global Spotlight Search is now enabled by default for new installs.
    • Added NonRefreshable ‘ActiveDirectoryComputers’ to allow customization of ExtremeZ-IP server location within Active Directory. This setting is used to help verify if Kerberos Constrained Delegation is configured correctly for the server, if necessary.
    • Hyphens are now word delimiters in Acronis Content Indexes.
    • Acronis Content Indexing engine has been updated to the 7.79 release of dtSearch.


    • Fixed a memory leak in the content index update process.
    • Fixed an issue that affected the Finder displaying color labels with the ’EnumerationPerformance’ registry key ON.
    • Fixed an issue where the Finder could display font files incorrectly with ‘EnumerationPerformance’ ON.
    • Fixed an issue that could occur during editing with Adobe InDesign.
    • Fixed an issue with Network Reshare volumes containing empty AppleDouble files created by robocopy.
    • Fixed issues with EZIPUTIL.
    • Fixed an issue where Mac client disconnects could crash ExtremeZ-IP.
    • Fixed an issue where Microsoft Office file creation dates were changing to modification date after being edited.

    Acronis ExtremeZ-IP 9.0.4 (Released: December 1st, 2014)


    • Acronis Content Indexing now includes a ‘Filename Only’ index type option. With this option chosen, search indexes will only contain filenames and will omit file content. This will result in much smaller search index files and faster indexing.
    • Acronis Content Indexing is now the default indexing engine for Network Reshare volumes.
    • Added Refreshable ‘EnumerationPerformanceOnLocalVolume’ to govern enumeration performance enhancements on volumes other than Network Reshares.


    • Fixed an occasional crash of ExtremeZ-IP when sharing Network Reshare volumes.
    • Fixed an issue where ‘dtSearchDebugLogging’ was being turned on accidentally.
    • Fixed an issue with Acronis Content Indexing and the processing of I/O errors.
    • Fixed an issue when Acronis Content Indexing was configured to continuously update the index.
    • Fixed erroneous Spotlight ‘root of volume being indexed’ logging.
    • Fixed an issue where ExtremeZ-IP could hang when a volume was removed while Acronis Content Indexing was actively updating the index.

    Acronis ExtremeZ-IP 9.0.3 (Released: October 30th, 2014)


    • ExtremeZ-IP Server includes new localization in: French, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese. ExtremeZ-IP also supports English and German.


    • Event Log messages are now localized.

    Acronis ExtremeZ-IP 9.0.2 (Released: October 15th, 2014)


    • ExtremeZ-IP now supports OS X 10.10 Yosemite
    • Acronis Content indexing now indexes all words in a file name for searching
    • Changed text “Support Spotlight Search on All Volumes” to “Enable Spotlight Search on All Volumes”


    • Fixed potential crash of ExtremeZ-IP when doing network reshares
    • Fixed potential issue with ExtremeZ-IP start up on Windows 2003 R2 Server
    • ExtremeZ-IP Admin interface would change displayed UNC paths to start with “UNC\” instead of “\\”
    • Fixed potential ExtremeZ-IP crash when running filename policy reports

    Acronis ExtremeZ-IP 9.0.1 (Released: September 22nd, 2014)


    • Added German localization.
    • Replaced built-in Help with links to the up to date online Web Help.


    • Fixed an issue where ExtremeZ-IP would sometimes display “Not Indexing” when preparing to index a large volume.

    Acronis ExtremeZ-IP 9.0.0 (Released: September 4th, 2014)


    • New ‘Acronis Content Indexing’ – This new file name and content indexing option is compatible with all ExtremeZ-IP volumes, residing locally on the ExtremeZ-IP server or on another file server or NAS being accessed through ExtremeZ-IP’s ‘Network Reshare feature’. This provides nearly instantaneous file name and content ’Network Spotlight’ search, even on remote file servers and NAS. [US5846]
    • ExtremeZ-IP is now certified for use with StorNext 5.0. [US7572]
    • ExtremeZ-IP is now certified for use with Symantec Enterprise Vault 11 [US8750]
    • Configuration of Network Reshare volumes is more informative, especially regarding Kerberos Constrained Delegation. [US7494]
    • The advanced setting ‘Ignore Offspring Count’ has been removed from the ExtremeZ-IP Administrator UI. [US6881]
    • ShadowConnect is now certified for Mac OS 10.8 and 10.9 [US8420]


    • Fixed issues with Bonjour installation and uninstallation [US6296 US8794]