INFO: Scheduled Actions in MassTransit

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MassTransit 6.0 offers a new feature to configure actions that run on a periodic basis instead of based on MassTransit events. This feature is useful for scheduling maintenance tasks that should occur on a regular basis from within MassTransit.
Note: For information about MassTransit 7 please refer to the following link: MassTransit 7 Home


MassTransit Servers can now have actions that trigger at a specified periodic interval. Intervals include:

  • Hourly at a specific minute past the hour (i.e. Hourly at 15 past the hour)
  • Daily at a certain time every day (i.e. Daily at 3:30 AM)
  • Weekly on the days selected at a designated time
    (i.e. Weekly on Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 3:30 PM)
  • Monthly on a selected day at a designated time
    (i.e. Monthly on the 1st of the month at 2:00 AM)

Note that actions configured periodically are not associated with a contact as there is no relevant triggering event for a specific contact.

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