INFO: MassTransit Web Client and Web Services Integration

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This documentation describes how to use MassTransit capabilities in a web environment. In particular, you will find information on:

  • How to use the MassTransit Web Client in a website other than MTWeb
  • Web services that are provided by the MassTransit SOAP interface to authenticate users, queue files, and do other tasks
  • Implementing workflows using temporary contacts.


MassTransit Web Service
Web applications, scripts, and other programs can communicate with the MassTransit server using the MassTransit server’s SOAP web service. For information on enabling the SOAP service in MassTransit, please refer to the MTWeb documentation. When enabled, the SOAP service provides several methods that allow a SOAP client to authenticate users, queue files for delivery, add messages to the server log, and more. For detailed information on the methods provided, their parameters, return values, and error codes, please see the MassTransit SOAP API Documentation.

MassTransit Web Client
The MassTransit Web Client web browser plug-in implements pick up and drop off of files with forwarding and service selection for authenticated contacts. It is possible to integrate this web browser plug-in into websites other than MTWeb. In order to implement the Web Client plug-in, the website will have to use a SOAP client to retrieve authentication data and plug-in initialization data. This can be done in any server-side programming language (such as PHP, .NET, or ColdFusion). Detailed information on the Web Client plug-in, including parameters, how to embed it into a website, how to perform plug-in detection and installation, and more is all in the How To Integrate The MassTransit Web Client document provided in the archive below. Also see the MassTransit SOAP API Documentation for information on all the SOAP interface methods provided.

Sample Code
For an example of how to use the MassTransit Web Service and Web Client, please see the PHP Web Client Demo. This Demo shows how to implement a workflow using temporary one-time-use contacts to pick up and drop off files, with the option of custom drop off mailboxes. The Demo uses the PHP 5 SoapClient to call the MassTransit web service, then instantiates the Web Client plug-in, with full plug-in detection and browser compatibility check using HTML and JavaScript. Setup and execution instructions are in a README.txt file within the archive.

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