Using MassTransit Web Client FTP Fallback feature with Safari 3.0 / Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

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Certain problems have been discovered in Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) / Safari 3.0 that prevent MassTransit Web Client FTP Fallback feature from working correctly. The problems have been reported to Apple; below is a detailed description of the problems along with their implications to MassTransit Web Client functionality and suggested workarounds.


Problem 1 (Apple Radar Bug ID #5719841)

When connecting to an FTP server that does not allow anonymous access, Safari 3.0 does not prompt for user name and password and simply fails to connect when running on Mac OS X 10.5.


Before handing the FTP request off to the FTP protocol helper application (usually Finder), Safari attempts to log in to the FTP server using the default anonymous password – If that fails, Safari displays an error page and stops the handoff process.

This is a serious problem for MassTransit Web Client users trying to access their files using the FTP Fallback feature because MassTransit does not allow anonymous FTP access.


  • Use Mozilla Firefox instead of Safari 3.0. Mozilla Firefox has a built in FTP client and therefore is not affected by this problem.
  • Instead of clicking on an FTP link embedded in a web page, copy and paste it into a standalone FTP client application (Finder could be used if desired, however it also has an issue relevant to this – see below for more information).


When running on Mac OS X 10.4, Safari 3.0 exhibits a different behavior that, however, still results in users not being able to access their files when using the FTP Fallback feature. The above workarounds still apply in that situation, although upgrading to Safari 3.0 on systems running Mac OS X 10.4 and using the MassTransit Web Client should generally be avoided.

Problem 2 (Apple Radar Bug ID #5719855)

While browsing folders on a mounted FTP volume, Finder downloads all files it is attempting to display in their entirety without being explicitly instructed to do so.


Finder downloads all files in a currently displayed folder; multiple FTP sessions are spun off for large files. From a user standpoint rendering of folder contents is very slow, depending on the number / size of files located in the folder; a packet trace confirms that Finder in fact downloads every single file it is trying to display.

This is a serious problem as it will break MassTransit workflows for Web Client users that do not have the safe storage feature enabled in their account in MassTransit – users will potentially not be able to download their files.


  • Disable icon preview in Finder – it has been confirmed that doing so eliminates the problem. Select View -> Show View Options in the top menu and uncheck the “Show icon preview” checkbox for icon and list views or the “Shown preview column” checkbox for column views.
  • Use a third party FTP client application instead of Finder.


This problem has been identified by Apple as a known issue currently investigated by engineering under the original Radar Bug ID #5634054. All further inquiries as to the status of this problem should be made under that Bug ID.