ExtremeZ-IP service may fail to start after upgrading from Version 5.0×141 to Version 5.0.1 or 5.0.2 if you are using Windows performance monitoring.

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While most upgrades of ExtremeZ-IP can be performed by simply running the latest installer, we have identified a bug that is applicable to customers upgrading from ExtremeZ-IP Version 5.0.1×141 to 5.0.1×15 or 5.0.2×08 who are using Windows performance monitoring.


After upgrading you may see the following message in the Event Log:
“ExtremeZ-IP could not initialize its performance manager and therefore cannot start up. This can happen if ExtremeZ-IP is upgraded while performance monitoring applications such as Perfmon or Microsoft Operations Manager are monitoring ExtremeZ-IP counters. To remedy, please close all performance monitoring tools and restart the ExtremeZ-IP service.”

Try the following solutions and attempt to start EZIP after each step:

Stop Perfmon Counters and Alerts:
Click Start > Run > type, perfmon [hit return]
Stop all logs and alerts and close window

Click Start > Run > type, services.msc [hit return]
Start “ExtremeZ-IP File and Print Server for Macintosh”.

Stop the MOM Agent.
Click Start > Run > type, services.msc [hit return]
Stop MOM Agent

Restart the WMI Performance Adapter
Click Start > Run > services.msc [hit return]
Stop WMI Performance Adapter
Start WMI Performance Adapter

Rebooting the Sever will also clear the handle and allow the ExtremeZ-IP Service to start.

If you have any questions or concerns about upgrading from 5.0×141, we encourage you to email support@grouplogic.com or call us at 703.527.7979×2602 or 800.476.8781×2602 before upgrading