Uninstalling ExtremeZ-IP from a Cluster

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Some users may encounter problems when uninstalling ExtremeZ-IP if it was installed to a shared drive. If all instances of ExtremeZ-IP are installed to the same location, uninstallation cannot be completed properly. Below are the steps to ensure that ExtremeZ-IP has been uninstalled from the entire cluster system.


The steps below assume you have not already attempted to uninstall ExtremeZ-IP and failed:

  1. Stop the ExtremeZ-IP service on the cluster
  2. Remove ExtremeZ-IP from the Cluster Administrator
  3. Run the uninstaller on a node in the cluster (node_1)
  4. Verify the all of the files have been removed from the install location
  5. Verify the following key has been removed from the node (node_1)
  6. Verify ExtremeZ-IP is removed from the Services Control Panel on the node (node_1)
  7. Manually remove the keys in step 5 from all other nodes

Note: The Services Control Panel will not update the list of services until the system is rebooted. This means you may have to reboot all other nodes after performing step 7. If ExtremeZ-IP is present in the Services Control Panel you may not be able to re-install it to that particular node until rebooting.

Group Logic recommends always installing ExtremeZ-IP to a local drive on all nodes.

Problem: When installing another version of ExtremeZ-IP the installation fails
Solution: Open the Services Control Panel (Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services)
Verify ExtremeZ-IP is not “Started”
If it is “Started”, stop the service
Retry the uninstallation

Problem: I try to uninstall ExtremeZ-IP, but the uninstaller cannot be found
Solution: At this point the uninstaller was run under another node and has removed itself
Open the Services Control Panel (Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services)
Verify ExtremeZ-IP is not “Started”
If it is “Started”, stop the service
Perform steps 5-7 on all nodes

Problem: In the Services Control Panel, ExtremeZ-IP seems to be stuck in the “Stopping” or “Starting” state
Solution: From Cluster Administrator, stop the ExtremeZ-IP resource
Remove the ExtremeZ-IP Resource from Cluster Administrator
Reboot the node
Peform steps 3-7

Problem: The ExtremeZ-IP Resource will not go “off-line” in the Cluster Administrator
Solution: Take the Cluster Group that the ExtremeZ-IP Resource belongs to “off-line”
Reboot the node
In this “Off-line Pending” state the Group should not fail-over
Perform steps 2-7 when reboot is complete