ExtremeZ-IP Debug Log Settings

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Details the debug log configuration settings in ExtremeZ-IP.


ExtremeZ-IP has detailed debug logging facilities built in which can be used to diagnose problems. This is a useful tool which Group Logic Technical Support may ask you to invoke in order to assist in resolving any problems you encounter.

The DebugLogging Keys are located in the following registry location.


There are over fifty Debug Logging keys available to help diagnose and troubleshoot behaviors in ExtremeZ-IP. Unless Group Logic Technical Support asks you to change them, we recommend that you leave these keys at the their default settings.

The ExtremeZ-IP debug log file is called “ExtremeZ-IP LOG.TXT” and by default is created in the ExtremeZ-IP program folder under the name of the service. This is usually C:\Program Files\Group Logic\ExtremeZ-IP\Logs\ExtremeZ-IP\ but will be dependent on the installation location and service name (cluster versions of ExtremeZ-IP can have multiple services installed). If ExtremeZ-IP is running you must make a copy of this file before you will be permitted to open it or mail it, as the ExtremeZ-IP service maintains a lock on it.

Global Debug Logging is, by default, set to log messages at the “Warn” and “Errors” level. This is why the log may be useful to technical support even if you did not change the debug logging levels.