Diagnosing ExtremeZ-IP Service Stops/Crashes

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ExtremeZ-IP 3.2 and higher have been enhanced with debugging features which can help diagnose the following events:

  • The server ExtremeZ-IP is installed on crashes
  • The ExtremeZ-IP service quits unexpectedly

In the unlikely event that you experience one of the above problems and suspect the event will recur, you can enable these tools to record the next event error. This will provide us valuable troubleshooting information.


ExtremeZ-IP’s enhanced debugging features write information to 2 log files:

  1. drwtsn32.log
    (default location: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\DrWatson)

    To begin recording information to drwtsn32.log:
    -Click [Start]>[Run]>in the open box type “”drwtsn32 -i” without the quotes and hit return (command prompt also works)

  2. ExtremeZ-IP Log.TXT
    The default location for this file with ExtremeZ-IP 4.0 and above is C:\Program Files\Group Logic\ExtremeZ-IP\Logs\ExtremeZ-IP\ExtremeZ-IP LOG.TXT.

    Instructions for enabling debugging in ExtremeZ-IP 4 & 5:

    Turning on debugging in ExtremeZ-IP 4.x and above is accomplished by editing the Registry and then telling ExtremeZ-IP to reread the registry. The keys are in:

    By default the service is set to only log errors at the “Warn” level. Debugging keys can either be turned on individually or the !GlobalDebugLogging key can be set to a higher level. The most commonly used levels are Warn, Info, and Debug. Because ExtremeZ-IP only looks at the first letter of what you put in the registry, you can use W, I or D as appropriate. Although some of these setting will have little or no impact on performance anytime a key is set to a more verbose level than Warn, a message will appear in the ExtremeZ-IP Administrator saying debug logging is enabled.

    Instructions for enabling debugging in ExtremeZ-IP 3:
    The default location for the debugging logs in ExtremeZ-IP 3 is C:\Program Files\Group Logic\ExtremeZ-IP\ExtremeZ-IP Log.TXT)

    • Open the ExtremeZ-IP administrator
    • Use the following key and mouse strokes (in order) to open the debugging window: [Control]+[d]+[right click]
    • It is not necessary to change the default logging information unless requested by Group Logic Technical Support. Enabling all options can generate a lot of log data.
    • Set size of log (100MB recommended)
    • Click enable logging (to disable click disable logging)

    *Note: Turning on ExtremeZ-IP debug logging can have a negative impact the performance of the ExtremeZ-IP server if your server is under a lot of load. In some circumstances you may not want to do this step.

    *Note: If ExtremeZ-IP detects something has gone wrong internally, it may write a few lines of information to the log regardless of the debug log being turned on or off. In this case the last few lines will contain the words “service may crash” This is why Group Logic Technical Support may ask for this log even if you did not explicitly turn on debug logging.

    *Note this log file is locked as “in use” when ExtremeZ-IP is running. If you need to access this file with EZIP running, copy the file to your clipboard [Control+c] and paste to antother location [Control+v]. Using WinZip or a similar compression program can significantly reduce the size of this log before sending it to Group Logic.