New Feature: Launch Process Action Task

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The “Launch Process” action task is a new type of action available to users running MassTransit Enterprise or Professional Servers, versions 5.0.2×16 or later on the Mac OS X platform. This new type of action task enables users to configure an action that launches a UNIX executable file. Like other types of action tasks, Launch Process action tasks may be configured using the familiar “Configure Actions” interface within the MassTransit Administrator application.

Previously, users running MassTransit Enterprise or Professional Server on the Mac OS X platform were limited to using AppleScript scripts, as that was the only type of script that MassTransit could launch as part of an action. Launch Process action tasks enable greater flexibility because users may configure the action task to run a variety of different executable file types. This new action task can launch binary command line tools, as well as scripts written in Perl, sh, bash, and tcsh. Since MassTransit data is accessible externally via MySQL, users may now use Launch Process action tasks to create custom MassTransit workflows more easily by using a variety of languages such as Python and Perl that include MySQL support.

For information about Launch Process action task on MassTransit 7, please refer to Actions page.


Please refer to the PDF document below for the full documentation regarding this new feature.

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