Repairing MassTransit 5.1 and 6.0 Enterprise, Standard and Premier Servers After Mac OS X 10.4.8 Client Update (PPC and Intel)

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Upgrading Mac OS to 10.4.8 may disable the MassTransit Engine.

Steps to Reproduce:

This article assumes you have the following third-party component versions installed on your MassTransit server:

Mac OS X Client MassTransit MySQL Apache PHP 5
PPC Enterprise/Standard/Premier 5.0.x 1.3.x 5.2.x
Intel Enterprise/Standard/Premier 5.0.x 1.3.x 5.2.x

To Reproduce:

Upgrade Mac OS X 10.4.x Client to 10.4.8. Launch MassTransit and the icon bounces on the Dock and then stops. A MySQL connection dialog will pop-up explaining that the MassTransit Engine could not connect to MySQL.

If you have upgraded your MassTransit server and do not experience the above error, please disregard this document.


The MySQL grants table is altered. Fixing permissions does not correct this error.


Back up your MassTransit databases. (Please refer to KnowledgeBase article # 243, MassTransit 5.x and 6.x Database Backup Procedures for Mac OS X, for instructions.) You will also need your MassTransit installer, either the CD or downloaded, and your MassTransit serial number.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Backup your MassTransit databases.
  2. Quit the MassTransit Engine application.
  3. Insert the MassTransit CD or open the MassTransit installer file.
    1. Follow the installer’s instructions.
    2. Enter a password for the masstransit MySQL database user when prompted.
    3. Continue through the installer prompts until complete.
  4. Launch the MassTransit Engine. (If you experience difficulty, please contact GroupLogic Support at 703-528-1555 or for further assistance.)
  5. Start the MassTransit Administrator and check logs to ensure there are no errors.


See workaround above.

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