ExtremeZ-IP File Server Home Directory Support

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This article describes the process for enabling the ExtremeZ-IP home directory support feature. This feature allows volumes to be designated as home directory volumes, presenting the user with a filtered view of the volume that shows only their assigned home directory folder.


ExtremeZ-IP File Server 4.2 allows volumes to be created that act as filtered user home directories. When a volume is designated as a home directory volume, a user will only be given the option to mount the volume if it contains their individual home directory. When browsing that volume, the user will only see their home directory folder. All other folders on the volume will be hidden.

Client Macs that are configured to use an ExtremeZ-IP network based home directory will continue to function properly, regardless of whether the ExtremeZ-IP server’s home directory support is enabled or disabled. If the server’s home directory feature is disabled, the user will simply be presented with the entire contents of the volume rather than a filtered view.

For further details and step by step instructions on configuring home directory support on your ExtremeZ-IP file server, please see the “ExtremeZ-IP File Server Home Directory Support” PDF listed below.

For details on configuring your Mac client computers to use ExtremeZ-IP network based home directories please see the “Creating Active Directory Integrated Home Directories on Mac Client Computers” article below.

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