MassTransit is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger”

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MassTransit servers and web clients are now compatible with Mac OS 10.4 and Mac OS 10.4 Server. Customers will need to hotfix their installations to take advantage of this compatibility on MassTransit Enterprise. There are some caveats that customers should be aware of.


MassTransit 4.5.1×57 and later have been certified as compatible with Mac OS 10.4 and Mac OS 10.4 servers. In order to run on Tiger, please download the latest hotfix for your MassTransit server and web clients from the hotfix web page.

Please be aware that the first time you restart a machine running MassTransit (server or client) on Mac OS 10.4, you may receive a warning dialog that states the following: “An item in the Startup Items folder (“/Library/StartupItems/mtstacktuner”) does not have the proper security settings.” This warning appears because the specified file was installed by MassTransit with non-standard permissions. Click the “Fix” button to repair the permissions on the file. MassTransit will function correctly with either set of permissions.

Please review the following questions to determine if you need to take any other steps to get MassTransit running under Tiger.

1. Do you need MassTransit to listen on ports below 1024 (for FTP or firewall purposes)?
If so, you can use a tool called Xinetd to avoid the need to run as root. Please consult the Using Xinetd knowledge base article for the specifics of how to configure Xinetd. There is a new version of the Xinetd script for Mac OS 10.4.

2. Are you upgrading an existing MassTransit Enterprise server with an active web configuration?
If you are currently running on Mac OS 10.2 or Mac OS 10.3 and have a web configuration for MassTransit, you will need to back up your existing httpd.conf file before upgrading to Mac OS 10.4 and restore this backup after installation. Please contact Group Logic technical support if you need assistance in backing up or restoring your web configuration.

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