ExtremeZ-IP file searches cause Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger to hang when returning a large number of results

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When searching an ExtremeZ-IP 4.1 (or later) file server running indexed search from a Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger client, searches may hang when returning large numbers of results.

Steps to Reproduce:

In testing, this has been found to occur, to an extent, when greater than 200 results are returned. As the number of results reaches the 1000’s, extended delays may occur.


This seems to occur because 10.4 resolves the file information for each result returned much slower than the results are actually returned to the client. This appears to be a flaw in Mac OS X 10.4 and is reported to be a bug that is currently being addressed.

A secondary cause of this issue is Tiger’s “search as you type” feature. This feature will start a search on whatever is in the search prompt if you pause typing for more than 1/2 second or so. This produces a quick set of results when searching a local hard drive using Spotlight but causes problems searching servers over a network. When entering a search request on the client, if a user intends to type “Tiger” but pauses briefly after typing “T”, a search for “T” will be initiated automatically, likely returning 1000’s of results very quickly and hanging the client Mac’s Finder.


The Mac OS Finder is unresponsive during this process but will return to normal after the search completes. As long as the search is not canceled, it will complete, but possibly after several minutes of delay, which gives the appearance that the search has hung.

If this issue becomes a problem for your Tiger clients, the only workaround is to disable indexed search through the ExtremeZ-IP Administrator.


Preliminary information points to this Mac OS X 10.4 bug being corrected in the upcoming 10.4.3 update.