Using the MassTransit Backup Application

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This article describes how to backup MassTransit databases using MTBackup.

MassTransit customers with current Maintenance & Support contracts can download the MTBackup Application for Windows or Mac by following the links in the Related Articles section below.


What the Backup Application does
The Backup Application backs up MassTransit files and databases to a separate directory – these archives can later be used to restore MassTransit in the event of a database failure by reverting MassTransit to a previously backed-up state. In order to gain access to files and databases that are locked by MassTransit while it is running, the Backup Application shuts down MassTransit, copies the files, and then re-launches MassTransit. The Backup Application will not shut down MassTransit if there are any active file transfers.

Installing the Backup Application
Download the MTBackup Application for your MassTransit Server by following the appropriate link below. Then extract all of the Backup Application files into a single directory. Please refer to the extracted documents “MTBackupWindows.doc” and “MTBackupAppMac.doc” for more information on installing, configuring, and running the Backup Application.

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