INFO: Where are Mac OS X Crash Reporter logs saved?

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When an application crashes on Mac OS X a system service named “Crash Reporter” captures information to a file that can then be used to diagnose the problem.

This note details where the Crash Reporter stores these files.


The Crash Reporter saves the relevant system information in a file in one of two places depending on whether you are logged in as an administrator or not.

The two locations are:

~/Library/Logs/Crash Reporter, and

/Library/Logs/Crash Reporter

The first path is relative to the Home directory of the current user. For example, if you are currently logged in as “doug” then the log file will be found in /Users/doug/Library/Logs/Crash Reporter.

The second is an absolute path from the root of the startup volume.

In both cases the Crash Reporter creates a file named “ApplicationName.log” where “ApplicationName” is the name of the application. This is the file that may be requested by Group Logic Technical Support if you run into problems with MassTransit on Mac OS X.