Mac clients unable to see or write to directories

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After upgrading from previous versions to 2.1.1×18 or v3.0x10, a Mac user mounts a volume using a NT domain account:
a) Some (or all) folder/files within the volume are not visible, even though the user has permissions in NT
b) User is unable to write or delete inside a folder where they have NT permissions

Steps to Reproduce:

Before upgrade to 2.1.1×18 or 3.0×10:
-Create a folder: [testfolder]
-Create a group on your domain [testgroup]
-Create a user on your domain [testuser]
-Assign [testuser] to [testgroup]
-Give [testgroup] read/write permissions to [testfolder]
-From a Mac client, mount [testfolder] as [testuser]

After upgrading to 2.1.1×18 or 3.0×10
-From a Mac client, mount [testfolder] as [testuser]
Results: [testuser] is unable to see the [testfolder]


ExtremeZ-IP version 2.1.1×18 and 3.0×10 rely on the System account for various operations. A quick fix would be to give the System account full control on the root of the NTFS partition (see workaround). A better solution would be to upgrade to Version 2.1.1×19 or Versions 3.0.1×01 or higher.


Adding the System Account with Full Privileges to the root of an NTFS partition.
-Right click on the Partition and select [Properties]
-Under the [Securities] tab click [Add]
-Under [Look in:] select your domain
-Select [SYSTEMS] from the list and click [OK]
-Assign Full Control to the Systems account

*Warning incorrectly ordered permission errors will result in unknown problems. If this occurs, delete all names under the Security list EXCEPT [Administrators]. Then add the [Systems] name again, and any other names as needed.


Install ExtremeZ-IP version 2.1.1×19
Install ExtremeZ-IP version 3.0.1×01

Please contact Group Logic Technical support for these releases or if you need additional assistance.