Configuring MTE for Web Client Upgrade

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This article provides directions to properly configure MassTransit Enterprise so that users are properly prompted to upgrade to new versions of the MassTransit Web Client. Specifically, the mtadmin.cfg file and the wcinitview.pat files need to be updated in order for MTE to notify clients that there is a newer version of the MassTransit Web Client available for download.


When a user logs into the MassTransit Server using a web browser, MassTransit compares the version of the user’s plugin against the version specified in the mtadmin.cfg file located in the MassTransit Remote Admin directory of the server. If a newer version is available, it will prompt the user to upgrade to the latest version.

For web clients on Windows, a .cab file is used to install the web client. Because of this format, version resolution is handled differently. As a result, the wcinitview.pat file needs to be edited in order for MT to recognize a new version of the plug-in upon next log in.

To configure your server to prompt users to upgrade to the new web client:

  1. Go to following subfolder inside your MassTransit folder:
    Remote Administration\MassTransit Remote Admin
  2. Open mtadmin.cfg file in a text editor (like notepad or BBEdit).
  3. Change the INSTALLED_PLUGIN field to the newest version number (e.g.
  4. Save and close the file.
  5. Open wcinitview.pat in a text editor.
  6. Change the line
    var availPluginVersion = new Array(4,5,1,15);
    to the following, where ‘new version here’ is the version number of the new web client delimited by commas as shown above.
    var availPluginVersion = new Array(new version here);
  7. Find the section that starts with
  8. Change the line
    document.write(' CODEBASE="$${{protocol}}://$${{webserver}}/DOWNLOADS/WEBCLIENT.CAB#VERSION=4,5,1,15" \n');
    to the following, where ‘new version here’ is the current version of the plugin delimited by commas as shown above:
    document.write(' CODEBASE="$${{protocol}}://$${{webserver}}/DOWNLOADS/WEBCLIENT.CAB#VERSION=new version here" \n');

  9. Save and close the file.
  10. If your server is on Mac OS X, make sure both mtadmin.cfg and wcinitview.pat are saved with Unix-style line endings. You can use the Fix Mac Line Endings script to ensure this.
  11. If you are running Apache as your MassTransit web server on Mac OS X, restart Apache:
    – Open Terminal from Applications:Utilities
    – In the window that appears, type sudo apachectl restart
    – When prompted, enter your administrative password.

Users using MassTransit web client that are not the newest version should receieve a message on their next log-in informing them that a new version of the plug-in is available.