Does MassTransit Support Mac OS X?

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Yes, all MassTransit product types run natively on Mac OS X as of version 4.2 to version 6.0.


The following describes Mac OS X compatibility for other recent versions:

MassTransit Web Client
MassTransit Web Client versions 5.1 and later run natively on Mac OS X. (They are also compatible with Mac OS 9 and Windows).

MassTransit Servers in Compatibility Mode
Group Logic recommends that customers using Mac OS X upgrade to MassTransit 5.1 or later. However, MassTransit 4.1.2 works with Mac OS X in “compatibility mode”. This includes MassTransit Application Clients, Satellite, Professional, and Enterprise Servers. For MassTransit Professional and Enterprise Servers, existing users who have ADB-based hardware keys need to side-grade to a USB-based hardware key. Contact Group Logic Technical Support for more information. Please note that MassTransit Servers 6.1 and later are not supported on Mac OS X.

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