How to Configure Dr. Watson to install on Windows Startup

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If ExtremeZ-IP encounters a crash, sometimes the best source of information is retrieved from a Dr. Watson Log. Dr. Watson gathers stack information and obtains symbols from ExtremeZ-IP to aid in figuring out where the crash occured.

For Dr. Watson to work, it must be “installed” as the default application debugger. Upon reboot this information can be lost and when a crash does occur Dr. Watson may not catch the crash. This document will explain how to configure Windows so Dr. Watson is allways installed on startup.


To configure Dr. Watson to install on startup:
1. Navigate to the “Taskbar & Start Menu” dialog via Start -> Settings
2. Click the “Advanced” tab
3. Click the “Add” button
4. Click the “Browse” button
5. Select the drive that contains the running operating system and locate “DRWTSN32.EXE”. It is usually located in “C:\WINNT\system32\” where “C” contains the running operating system.
6. Click “OK” in the “Browse For Folder” dialog
7. Add ” -i” no quotes (space -i) to the path
8. Click “Next”
9. Select the “Startup” folder
10. Click “Next”
11. Click “Finish”
12. Click OK on the “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties”
13. Navigate to the newly created menu item Start->Startup->DRWTSN32.EXE
14. Verify a dialog is displayed with the following message “Dr. Watson has been installed as the default application debugger”
15. Click OK

This dialog will appear every time the system restarts to confirm the Dr. Watson has been installed.