Creating debug logs with ExtremeZ-IP’s Choose IP Printer

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If Group Logic Support has asked for a Choose IP Printer debug log to diagnose a problem, follow the steps in this article. This log can help to diagnose certain printing problems that relate to the configuration of desktop printers created with Choose IP Printer. (If Group Logic Support determines that the problem relates to problems that occur during actual printing, you may be asked to perform different steps.)


1. Delete the desktop printer corresponding to the ExtremeZ-IP print queue with which you are having problems.

2. Double-click Choose IP Printer. Immediately after clicking — as Choose IP Printer is starting to launch — hold down the Shift and Option keys to enable debug logging. Note that you cannot hold down Shift while clicking the application since that will deselect it in the Finder.

3. Using Choose IP Printer, set up a desktop printer for the queue in question, as you normally would.

4. Quit Choose IP Printer.

5. Find the file log.txt that is created in the same folder as Choose IP Printer. (If the file does not exist, proceed again from Step 1, being careful to hold down Shift and Option immediately after double-clicking the Choose IP Printer in Step 2.)

6. Email the log.txt file to Group Logic Support at