MassTransit Hot Fix Available

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We’ve released MassTransit, a hot fix that includes all changes since 6.0. It has several important enhancements and bug fixes so we recommend that most customers upgrade to this version. You can see the changes since 6.0.2 below and the full history is available in the Release History.

If you have an active Support contract, you can download the hot fix from the MassTransit Latest Hot Fixes Page.


Released as hot fixes for Mac OS X and Windows from January to March 2009.

Below is a summary of the improvements in MassTransit 6.0.2.

* BUG FIX: Memory leak in TCP-based communications. [#23580][Mac]
MassTransit 6.0.2 fixes a memory leak in TCP-based communications (TCP, TCP Secure, FTP Server, FTP Client) which could eventually lead to engine crashes.  [x08]

* BUG FIX: Crash when sending files with MassTransit Administrator connected. [#23131][Win]
MassTransit 6.0.2 fixes a crash that could manifest in several ways, but most frequently when sending files while the MassTransit Administrator was connected. [x07]

* BUG FIX: MassTransit Administrator-only installer installs all required files. [#23532][Mac]
The MassTransit server installer will now install all required files for operation when installing the administrator only.  Previous versions would fail to install key files and would prevent the Administrator from connecting to remote engines. [x07]

* BUG FIX: MassTransit will always send files queued for sending when an automatic connection is made. [#23528][Mac/Win]
MassTransit 6.0.2 fixes a rare problem where a contact could get in a state where files would not be sent on an automatically triggered connection even though they were properly queued. [x06]

* BUG FIX: Auto-created LDAP contacts will no longer be permanently purged from the database when they are removed from LDAP. [#23511][Mac/Win]
When LDAP-linked contacts are deleted from MassTransit because they are no longer a member of the monitored groups, the MassTransit contact entries will be marked deleted so that they can still be used for referencing historical data even though they are inactive. [x05]

* ENHANCEMENT: LDAP automatic account creation supports different profiles for different MML groups. [#23488][Mac/Win]
MassTransit now allows you to specify different profiles for different MML groups to allow LDAP-authenticated users to be created with different defaults.  In addition, MML profiles can now be non-web client contacts — the most common usage of non web client profiles is to specify Forward Via settings to allow multihop forwarding for AD users.  [x04]

* ENHANCEMENT: Support for binding to subdomains for LDAP support [#23456][Mac/Win]
MassTransit now supports binding to subdomains for LDAP support.  Specify the desired subdomain as your primary domain in the MassTransitEngine.cfg file.  If your bind user is a member of a different domain (like the parent domain), specify that domain as the LDAP_BIND_DOMAIN. [x03]

* ENHANCEMENT: Support for Secure LDAP connections [#23330][Win]
LDAP_USE_SECURE_CONNECTION in the MassTransitEngine.cfg file and set the LDAP port appropriately to secure LDAP queries. [x03]

* BUG FIX: MassTransit no longer leaks threads when passive FTP clients encounter errors sending or receiving a file. [#23350][Mac/Win]
MassTransit would leak threads when acting as an FTP server if an FTP client connected using passive mode and a file send or receive failed to occur due to an error.  This thread leak is now fixed. [x01]

* BUG FIX: Reuse of log entry object in COM scripting will no longer cause a database error. [#23327][Win]
Reusing a COM log entry object in a script could attempt to add a second log entry with a log ID that was already in use.  MassTransit will now properly increment the log ID to ensure that all entries are added successfully. [x01]

If you have any questions about this or any other MassTransit release, please contact us at

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