How To Prevent Mac Clients From Mounting Volumes Using SMB

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While most Macintosh users understand they should avoid using SMB to connect to AFP shares, there is a Finder bug in Mac OS 10.5 which may be adding to confusion and contributing to users accidentally connecting to AFP shares using SMB.

The Finder bug manifests when you expand the Sidebar’s “Shared” triangle. When you navigate “Shared” the Finder attempts to connect via SMB (even if the volume is already connected via AFP). This leads users to mistakenly believe they have been disconnected and prompts them to connect using SMB.

Here are a few tips you can use to help limit confusion:

  1. Under Finder > Preferences > Sidebar:
  • Uncheck “Connected Servers” and “Bonjour Computers”.
  • Sidebar

    This will make the “Shared” option disappear from the Sidebar altogether.

  • Check “Computer”.
  • Volumes under Computer

    This will allow you to navigate servers and shares from “Devices”.

  1. Under Finder > Preferences > General:
  • Check “Connected Servers” to place Volume icons on Desktop.
  • Finder Preferences

    This will allow users to navigate and always get to AFP Volumes via “Computer”.

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