Adding and Removing ExtremeZ-IP services on a cluster

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This article applies to creating a cluster service in ExtremeZ-IP 7.0 or later.

Each ExtremeZ-IP virtual server you want to use on your cluster requires an ExtremeZ-IP service instance. Each of these ExtremeZ-IP services requires a unique Service Name. When ExtremeZ-IP is installed on a cluster enabled server, no services are created by default. You will need to create a new ExtremeZ-IP service for each virtual server, on each node you want the service to run on.

To create an ExtremeZ-IP service, do the following:

1. After completing the ExtremeZ-IP installation process, or on a cluster server with an existing ExtremeZ-IP installation, run the ExtremeZ-IP Administrator application.

2. If ExtremeZ-IP is being installed for the first time and no services exist, you will be prompted to create a service.

3. When setting up a typical active/active cluster, choose Multiple Services. If you are setting up an active/passive cluster, choose Single Service and skip ahead to step 7.

4. You will be prompted to create your first service. Enter the Service Name of your choosing. In this example, our service name is “Marketing”.

NOTE: Write down the exact service name you use in this command. You need to know the exact name when configuring the service in the Cluster Administrator on Windows 2003 or in Failover Cluster Management on Windows 2008.

5. After the service is created, it will appear in the ExtremeZ-IP Services window. ExtremeZ-IP Services will be shown each time the ExtremeZ-IP Administrator is launched. It is used to select the service you would like to administer, as well as to add or remove additional services.

6. If you are configuring multiple services, select Add Service and to create any additional services necessary.

7. You will need to perform these steps on each cluster node that these ExtremeZ-IP services will run on.

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