mobilEcho FAQ

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What is mobilEcho?

mobilEcho is the industry’s first and only Mobile File Management (MFM) software for enterprise iPad users. mobilEcho enables enterprise IT to provide secure access to enterprise file servers for iPad users, eliminating the need for work-arounds like emailing files to yourself or storing critical enterprise files in unsecure third-party cloud providers.

Why would I want it?

If you use an iPad or iPhone or support people who do, you need mobilEcho to move content to and from your organizations file servers without synching to iTunes, sending the files by email or using a consumer solution like DropBox.

Where can I get mobilEcho?

You can download a trial version of the server from: The free iPad app is available in the App Store.

What are the server requirements?

The mobilEcho server runs Windows 2003, 2008, 7, Vista, and XP SP3.

What are the iPad requirements?

The iPad client runs on any iPad running iOS 4.2 or later.

What iOS apps are supported?

mobilEcho allows nearly any app to open files it supports and apps that support “Open In” functionality of iOS can save files back to the server via mobilEcho.

What file types can be previewed?

mobilEcho can preview any file type supported by iOS Preview functionality.

What are the options for external access?

There are three general approaches to providing secure file access to mobilEcho users who are working from outside your firewall:
* Port 443 access: mobilEcho uses HTTPS for encrypted transport, so it fits in naturally with common firewall rules allowing HTTPS traffic on port 443. If you allow port 443 access to your mobilEcho server, authorized iPad clients can connect while inside or outside of your firewall. mobilEcho can also be configured to use any other port you prefer.

* VPN: mobilEcho supports access through a VPN connection. Both the built in iOS VPN client and third-party VPN clients are supported. iOS management profiles can optionally be applied to devices using Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems or the Apple iPhone Configuration Utility to configure the certificate-based iOS “VPN-on-demand” feature, giving seamless access to mobilEcho servers and other corporate resources.

* Reverse proxy server: If you have a reverse proxy server set up, iPad clients can connect without the need for an open firewall port or a VPN connection.

Is mobilEcho similar to an AFP or SMB or WebDAV client?

mobilEcho is a file sharing client designed expressly for mobile use that uses a new protocol based on HTTPS to connect to a new server. Every component is designed expressly for mobile access.

Do you support Microsoft DFS?

Yes. mobilEcho supports DFS namespaces.

Does mobilEcho support NAS devices or the proxying of other file servers?

mobilEcho supports access to NAS devices and other file servers using the standard SMB/CIFS file protocol.