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How To Convert To A Dongle-less MassTransit Configuration?

Friday, April 9th, 2010

MassTransit runs and currently ships without a dongle, but for those customers running older (5.x and later) versions of MassTransit, the option is available as well.

In order to convert your dongled MassTransit server to a dongle-less version you will need to obtain a dongle config file from Group Logic.  If you are interested, please contact or and your rep will get in touch with you to begin the process.

Once you receive the file please follow the instructions below to convert your configuration.


  1. Stop MassTransit
  2. Unplug your dongle
  3. Place the dongle file in the root of the MassTransit folder
  4. If the serial number has changed (this may occur with client count changes) you will need to overwrite the serial number in the registery (located in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Group Logic, Inc.\MassTransit\6.0)
  5. Restart MassTransit


  1. Stop MassTransit
  2. Unplug your dongle
  3. Place the dongle file in the root of the MassTransit folder
  4. If the serial number has changed (this may occur with client count changes) you will need to overwrite the serial number in the Registration Prefs file(located in Library/Application Support/MassTransit)
  5. Restart MassTransit

Once you have verified that MassTransit is up and running, please send your old dongle back to Group Logic.

Attn: Fulfillment Dept.
1100 N. Glebe Rd.
Suite 800
Arlington, VA 22201 USA

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Using Display Dongle Info

Thursday, July 5th, 2007


Group Logic occasionally needs information about your MassTransit dongle in order to perform upgrades or sidegrades.

An application called “DisplayDongleInfo” is used to collect the information from the dongle and save it to a text file. We then ask you to send that text file to Group Logic in order to complete your upgrade/sidegrade.


To Collect Dongle Information:

  1. Download the DisplayDongleInfo application from the following URL for your OS:Mac OS 9 / Mac OS X

    Windows (all versions)

  2. Make sure the MassTransit dongle is attached to the computer.
  3. Run the DisplayDongleInfo application, and press the “Init” button in the top left of the window. The “Result” display on the right side of the window should say “Success”. If it does not, remove and reattach the dongle, reboot your computer and try again. If this still does not work, please consult the list of possible solutions at the bottom of this document.WARNING: Do NOT press the “Reset” button — it will wipe your dongle and result in the loss of critical information for your MassTransit server.
  4. Choose “Save To Text…” from the File menu to save the information to a file.
  5. Email the file to Group Logic at the email address “” with your name and company name.
  6. If you have any questions or would like assistance please do not hesitate to call or email our technical support department.


Problem: I am using Safari and I cannot download DisplayDongleInfo for the Mac.
Solution: Use Internet Explorer to access the download links above.

If these solutions do not solve your problem, please contact Group Logic technical support.

Missing Hardware Key – MassTransit Windows USB Hardware Key Installation

Friday, February 11th, 2005


When launching MassTransit Enterprise or Professional, the following error message occurs at startup:

Missing Hardware Key

After dismissing the error dialog, MassTransit fails to open, returning the user to the desktop.

This message only appears where USB hardware keys are implemented.


The ‘Missing Hardware Key’ (dongle) error message may occur for a number of reasons. The following steps below can help resolve most common hardware key related problems.

Determine Whether Dongle is Receiving Power:
Examine the side of MassTransit’s USB hardware key. Determine whether a solid green indicator light can be observed. A solid light indicates that the hardware key is receiving power from the USB port. In the event that the light is not visible, perform the following procedure:

1. Remove and re-insert the hardware key; determine whether indicator light becomes visible.

2. Remove and re-insert the hardware key; determine Windows 2000 displays a Plug-and-play dialog.

3. Insert the USB hardware key into a different USB port, to determine whether USB port itself is working.

In the unlikely event of a failed hardware key, contact Group Logic technical support or your MassTransit sales representative. Hardware keys that are covered under an active maintenance agreement can be immediately replaced.

Determine Appropriate Hardware Key is Used:
Examine the side plastic cover of the hardware key to confirm the model name is “Sentinel Super Pro” and not “Eve 3.” The Eve3 is a model of hardware key that is not supported on Windows(PC) platforms.

Hardware Key Driver Not Installed or Recognized:
If you are able to determine that the hardware is receiving power (green indicator light) and that the appropriate hardware key is implemented, it is then necessary to confirm that the appropriate hardware key driver has been installed, or is being recognized.

This driver is a component of the MassTransit installer, and is placed on the Windows system during the initial installation process. In some events, the driver fails to install properly or is not immediately recognized by the Windows operating system. The process to correct this issue is as follows:

1. Download the latest Sentinel System Driver from Rainbow website. Prior to the implementing an updated hardware key driver, contact Group Logic technical support for information on the latest supported driver version.

2. Remove the hardware key from the system.

3. Run the driver installer that was downloaded in step 1. Follow the ‘typical’ or ‘full’ install path.

4. When the install has completed, re-insert the hardware key.

5. Determine whether application recognizes the hardware key by launching MassTransit.

Other Considerations:

  • Are you installing MassTransit under an account with Administrator privileges?
  • Is there virus or backup software on the machine that would prevent the hardware key drivers or system files from being correctly installed?
  • MassTransit reports “The hardware key has been removed”, but my dongle is plugged in. What should I do?

    Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003


    MassTransit reports “The hardware key has been removed”, but my dongle is plugged in. What should I do?


    USB dongles occasionally stop responding. This behavior will result in repeated “The hardware key has been removed” messages when MassTransit is running, or “The hardware key could not be found” when trying to launch MassTransit.

    To solve this problem, first ensure that your dongle is properly plugged in to a working port. If you still have this problem, reboot your machine. In all known cases, restarting the machine will allow the dongle to be recognized.