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MassTransit 6.1.x Web Client plug-in with Firefox 3.6 displays the drag and drop area all black (Windows only)

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010


If Firefox 3.6 for Windows is used with the MassTransit Web Client plug-in to log into a MassTransit server, the “drag and drop” area of the “Send files” tab appears black.

Steps to reproduce:

Launch Firefox 3.6 and log in to the server with a web client account.

When you log in, select the plug-in transfer mode, if not selected.

Select the “Send files” tab and observe the “drag and drop” area. It is displayed black.


An update for the MassTransit server resolves this visual glitch with Firefox 3.6. A MassTransit administrator can download the file, extract it, and place it in the ~Group Logic\MassTransit Server 6\MTWeb\webroot\css folder.

Restart the web browser.

Next time you log in to the server via Firefox 3.6, the drag and drop box will appear correctly, displaying the “Drag files here” text.

Some file types do not transfer when using MassTransit with Firefox’s built-in HTTP file transfer support

Friday, November 6th, 2009

When transferring files from a Mac to a MassTransit server using Firefox’s built-in HTTP file transfer support (without the MassTransit Plug-in), you will be able to select two file types that cannot actually be transferred using HTTP. The affected types (.app and .pkg files) are considered “bundles” or “packages” on Mac OS X. They normally look like a single file but are essentially folders containing multiple related files. The HTTP protocol is not designed to transfer folders and is unable to actually transfer these files, but a bug in Firefox allows them to be selected nevertheless.

If you need to transfer .app or .pkg files, you can enclose them in .zip file or  install the MassTransit Web Client Plug-in, which allows you to transfer folders, including bundles. You can also avoid the specific bug by using Safari, which will properly prevent selection of bundles.