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Why do I get this error when loading the MTWeb site in a browser? “Could not get exclusive lock to application data file.”

Thursday, July 24th, 2008


Instead of loading the MTWeb login page (or any other MTWeb page), I see a page with the error message “Could not get exclusive lock to application data file.”

Steps to Reproduce:

Configure MTWeb normally, but do not grant write permissions to the “parsed” and “templates_c” folders. Load the MTWeb site in a browser.


The “parsed” and “templates_c” folders within the MTWeb directory must have write permissions for the user running the web process. On Windows, this user is normally called the “Internet Guest” or “Anonymous Internet” account.




Give WRITE permissions to the user running the web process for the “parsed” and “templates_c” folders which can be found inside the MTWeb directory. After granting permissions, delete the contents (if any) of the “parsed” and “templates_c” folders, except for the “readme.txt” files.

  1. Right click on the folder and select Properties.
  2. Click on the Security tab and verify that the appropriate Groups and Users have Full Control. At the least, the Administrator account (local computer) should have Full Control. If a folder needs to be accessed by a domain user then the domain user must also be given full control.
  3. The web site configured in IIS for MassTransit use has a specific Windows user account
    associated with it to provide anonymous access to the web site. For the MassTransit web system
    to function properly, that user account must be granted “write permissions” to the “templates_c”
    and “parsed” folders (located within MassTransit’s “MTWeb” folder). To determine the user
    account that the IIS website associated with MassTransit is using for anonymous access, please
    follow these steps:

    1. Open “Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager” (Control Panel > Administrative Tools
      > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager).
    2. Within the “Web Sites” folder, right click the IIS website name for the site that was
      configured for MassTransit use, and then click “properties”.
      -NOTE: If you do not see the list of websites, you may need to click the plus sign icon to
      expand the listing so that it shows all entries
    3. Click the “Directory Security” tab, and then under the “Authentication and Access Control”
      section, click the “Edit” button.
    4. In the “Enable Anonymous Access” section, look in the “User Name” field and it will
      indicate the user account that is being used by the website in the format: “COMPUTER
    5. Click the “Cancel” button to exit out of the properties screens without making changes.
      NOTE: For further information please consult the following Microsoft KB Article:

INFO: Disabling the MTWeb MyAccount Tab

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008


This article describes how to prevent Web Client users from modifying their own passwords by disabling the My Account tab in MTWeb.

For information on how to disable the My Account tab for MassTransit 7 web sites, please refer to MTWeb page of the MassTransit 7 documentation.


MTWeb provides MassTransit Web Client users with the ability to change their passwords via the My Account tab. To provide increased administration control, MassTransit Enterprise, Standard and Premier allow administrators to completely disable the My Account tab, preventing users from changing their passwords. The My Account tab is enabled by default.

To disable the My Account tab follow the instructions below:

1. Edit mtweb.ini (found in the MTWeb folder of the MassTransit installation) in a text editor.
2. Change the value of MY_ACCOUNT_TAB_ENABLED to “false”
3. Save mtweb.ini.
4. Delete all files in the parsed and templates_c folders.

Your MassTransit Web Client users can no longer access the My Account tab and change their passwords.