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ShadowConnect registry settings for non-english language support

Friday, May 27th, 2011

In order to function properly on Windows servers with non-english languages configured, ShadowConnect requires the modification of three registry values.

This is required so that ExtremeZ-IP can properly parse the EZShadowsFor{x}.txt file when determining if there are any shadow copies available for the volume. (The “{x}” in this file name is substituted for the drive letter being used).

These three parameters are in the registry at the following location:


and they are called:

VSSLocalStringContentsOf (default value is “Contents of”)
VSSLocalStringCreationTime (default value is “creation time:”)
VSSLocalStringShadowCopyVolume (default value is “Shadow Copy Volume:”)

These keys are automatically created at run time if they don’t exist. You can change these values to their non-english language equivalents to get Shadow Connect to work right in their environment.

You should run the following command once to determine the values for these keys:

vssadmin list shadows /for=c:

This will display the current shadow copy “sets”, which look like this:

Contents of shadow copy set ID: {4717beb4-f5d6-4055-9c00-62e040a09565}
Contained 1 shadow copies at creation time: 2/3/2011 3:28:57 PM
Shadow Copy ID: {72dae7b2-b9c8-4b49-9713-03177fad9523}
Original Volume: (C:)\\?\Volume{ac2a0daf-99cf-11dd-b5ff-806e6f6e6963}\
Shadow Copy Volume: \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy31
Originating Machine:
Service Machine:
Provider: ‘Microsoft Software Shadow Copy provider 1.0’
Type: ClientAccessibleWriters
Attributes: Persistent, Client-accessible, No auto release, Differential, Auto recovered

ExtremeZ-IP looks in this output for those key words above in bold. These can be in a language other than english, and these are the values that you need to put in these registry keys for this to work. Note that the colons are needed. They help narrow the parse so that ExtremeZ-IP finds the right stuff, so these colons should be included in the registry key values.

For example, an Italian customer has this for the EZShadowsForG.txt file:

Contenuto dell’ID gruppo di copie shadow: {ac872192-d8ee-4c25-8a9b-a04f2267f979}
Conteneva 1 copie shadow al momento della creazione: 26/01/2011 14:27:44
ID copia shadow: {cfa00e4a-25f0-4a8c-b9e4-943670104575}
Volume originale: (G:)\\?\Volume{69f7e22d-fe3c-11df-a59b-005056830423}\
Volume copia shadow: \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy1
Computer di origine: SRV1.ArtiGraficheAlpine.local
Computer di servizio: SRV1.ArtiGraficheAlpine.local
Provider: ‘Microsoft Software Shadow Copy provider 1.0’
Tipo: ClientAccessible
Attributi: Permanente, Accessibile dal client, Senza rilascio automatico, Nessun autore, Differenziale

They would need to add the bold values to the keys to allow ShadowConnect to function properly.

GroupLogic Product Compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

We have tested the public release of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and have updated our products for compatibility with this latest Mac OS release.

If you have any questions or find any issues with our products, please contact us at

activEcho: The Mac activEcho client is fully compatibile with Mac OS X 10.7.

ArchiveConnect: Users of Mac OS X 10.7 will need to upgrade to the ArchiveConnect 1.2.1 or later Mac client software for Lion compatibility.

ExtremeZ-IP: Users of Mac OS X 10.7 will need to upgrade to ExtremeZ-IP 7.2 or later. ExtremeZ-IP 7.2 addresses all known issues with Lion, except for DFS-based home directory support.

If you require support for network home directories that reside in DFS namespaces, we recommend you do not move to Lion yet. Support for DFS home directories on Lion is in progress, but will require an upgrade to a later update release of ExtremeZ-IP and/or Mac OS 10.7.

MassTransit: If you have Web Client users on Mac OS 10.7 Lion and/or using Safari 5.1, you will need to upgrade your MassTransit Server and their Web Clients to version 7.2.4 or later.

Please note that as previously announced, MassTransit Server 6.0.2×28 is expected to be the last server version that runs on Mac OS X and we will not be testing it or updating it for 10.7 compatibility. The migration path for MassTransit Server is to upgrade to MassTransit 7.x on Windows 2003 or 2008.

ShadowConnect: Users of ShadowConnect will need to upgrade to ExtremeZ-IP 7.2 for ShadowConnect compatibility with Lion. The existing ShadowConnect 1.0.2 Mac client software is compatible with Lion.