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INFO: Running MassTransit in Virtualized Environments

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008


MassTransit is now supported in virtualized VMWare environments on Windows.


MassTransit Enterprise or Premier, Professional or Standard, and Satellite are now certified to run in VMWare virtualization environments on Windows. System requirements for the virtualized environment in which MassTransit runs are unchanged. Please contact the MassTransit Sales or Support team for information on running MassTransit without a dongle.

Is ExtremeZ-IP Compatible with VMWare ESX Server?

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008


Is ExtremeZ-IP Compatible with VMWare ESX Server?


Yes. ExtremeZ-IP runs and is supported on a virtualized Windows Server image being hosted on VMWare ESX Server or ESXi.

As a fully user mode application, ExtremeZ-IP utilizes all of the standard Windows operating system file system functionality to provide AFP file sharing connectivity to Mac clients. Group Logic utilizes VMWare extensively in its own QA and support environments for replicating different customer configurations.

An individual license to ExtremeZ-IP is required for each instance of Windows that is running ExtremeZ-IP in the VMWare environment.

For additional information please contact Group Logic support.